• 8 NOV 14

    cPanel updated to 11.46 release 12

    Last night we rolled out cPanel version 11.46 release 12 to our platform. You’ll have access to some great new features and improvements to cPanel. (more…)

  • 6 NOV 14
    The Basics of Domain Name Registration

    The Basics of Domain Name Registration

    Having a website without an address is as good as nothing. This is because, without the address, there’s no way anyone can find you online. To business owners, without the address, your website will be practically hidden to the online world. The address is what is called in other terms the ‘domain name’.

    If you are thinking of doing business online, the domain name ought to be among the basic things you put into consideration, as it will greatly lead to the success of your business. Depending on how you choose your domain name, it can really help promote your products and services, your entire business, push you into new and high level markets, set you apart from your opponents and also protect your brand on the internet, or do the exact opposite! (more…)

  • 2 NOV 14
    Seo Techniques: from Basic to Advanced

    Seo Techniques: from Basic to Advanced

    There are two ways to do SEO: white hat and black hat. White hat SEO is the legitimate optimization of a website for maximum rankings in search engines. Black hat SEO will get you banned, if you are caught, from the likes of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Below are tips and techniques that will keep you on the right side of the line and ensure that your SEO strategy works. (more…)

  • 30 OCT 14
    How to better secure your website

    How to better secure your website

    In today’s world, people operate mostly online. This is evident especially with the business people, both the small and the large business ones. They take their business to another level, not only to those that are close to them but also to those who are very far away from them. Technology has made this possible through the creation of websites, where people from all over can always access and get whatever product or service they want just in their convenience. (more…)

  • 27 OCT 14

    Welcome to the new Host101 blog

    Here we will be sharing exciting announcements, interesting information, great how-to guides and lots more about the Hosting industry, security, the web and Host101.

    Watch this space for our posts, you won’t want to miss out.