Domain Names
  • 17 JUL 15

    What is your Website URL and Email address saying about your business?


    Something we still surprisingly see a lot of is the use of “generic” email addresses and website URLs. I say surprisingly, because with us being in the game of hosting, you would think most people would 100% utilise the ability to use a custom URL and Custom Email address…which is a feature of all our hosting packages.

    But thats not alawys the case. (more…)

  • 6 NOV 14
    The Basics of Domain Name Registration

    The Basics of Domain Name Registration

    Having a website without an address is as good as nothing. This is because, without the address, there’s no way anyone can find you online. To business owners, without the address, your website will be practically hidden to the online world. The address is what is called in other terms the ‘domain name’.

    If you are thinking of doing business online, the domain name ought to be among the basic things you put into consideration, as it will greatly lead to the success of your business. Depending on how you choose your domain name, it can really help promote your products and services, your entire business, push you into new and high level markets, set you apart from your opponents and also protect your brand on the internet, or do the exact opposite! (more…)