• 9 JUN 16
    Australian Based Hosted Exchange Solutions

    Australian Based Hosted Exchange Solutions

    Get your business staff and emails working faster and more productive  today, with a Hosted Exchange Solution.

    In this day and age, running successful company emails can make or break your business. Not only can missed emails directly cost you business, but doubled up replies to the same email can cost you and your staff time and make you look silly. If you are on the road, regularly on job sites during the day or simply not an office based business, then delayed responses can make you look unprofessional and lacking customer service standards to potential clients. Or maybe you are setting up a brand new business email, why not get ahead of the curve from day one.


  • 9 APR 16

    Banking Websites Compromised

    The US Federal Reserve Bank has recently admitted that their Website has been breached by hackers more than 50 times in the past 5 years. Combined with the theft of over $80 million dollars from the Bangladesh Central Bank and the level that these organisations go to ensure security, its a little concerning.¬† (more…)

  • 9 DEC 14

    Remote Backups Now Standard With Every Hosting Account

    You spend so much time and money on your website as well as have most of your life stored within your email inbox – so it pays to protect this information. Host101 has already been providing comprehensive backups of your data but this is at the same location as the server.

    We are now pleased to roll out remote off site backups using Idera R1Soft software which will be completely free for all hosting accounts. Each night, all data will be replicated to the off site backup server and at least 10 days worth will be kept. (more…)