CMS Sites – WordPress Versus Joomla. Do we have a winner?

WordPress Websites versus Joomla Websites is one the most asked questions for people looking to build a new site.  It as an import question as ‘What Hosting Package do I need?’ and it is not a question with a simple answer.

Host 101 has done our best to answer some of the key points to consider.

Online Support & Community

Both WordPress and Joomla have some great online Support options, so if you need help…its there.  To be fair,  Joomla has probably inched ahead in this area of the years. Mainly due content on the official website, in comparison to The Joomla site is really aimed at fostering an online community and building a support network. In comparison, WordPress seems content to be a little less proactive and rely on its reputation as the more popular CMS.

Some designers would also suggest WordPress is geared towards hosting providers that charge a premium for WordPress Hosting, but sometimes for no apparent reasons…which may be part of the reason there is a lack of enthusiasm for an online community. Host 101 offers some great Australian WordPress Hosting Packages.

WINNER – Joomla



Ease of Use

Notch this down as an easy win to WordPress.  Its just easier to navigate and pick up the basics. Less complex layouts and module positions to deal with and an easier learning curve. Although, its important to remember that with the ease of use, there are some limits and restrictions when it comes to being able to change the site style, colors and layouts  In short, WordPress sites can be more difficult to customize and style to your likes, beyond the in built template or plugin options.

But if you are happy with the template you choose and don’t wish to modify and style it much…WP is a better choice. If you want to be able to completely redesign the structure and layout, but not do a re-code…then choose Joomla for your website.

WINNER – WordPress


Search Engines Optimisation

WordPress wins this one.  Just due to the range of SEO plugins and the choice available. Basically, they all just seem to work. In comparison, some of the Joomla plugins can be tough to configure and setup…which means SEO on Joomla can be a potential nightmare.

But, do not discount Joomla based on this alone. It can still handle SEO…because its not bad out of the box, just WP is marginally better for newbies.

WINNER – WordPress


Plugin & Extension Range

Joomla an easy winner here. Because WordPress is geared towards blogger or news sites at its core, this tends to mean the range of extensions is also geared that way, and consequently a little limited.  While Joomla has a massive range of plugins available, that will allow you to do nearly anything…blogs, online stores, community membership sites and anything else your heart desires. WordPress is improving and growing, but still lagging behind.

WINNER – Joomla


Website Security

This is probably one of the hardest questions to answer. Because its complex and multi layered. In the end, both WordPress Website Security and Joomla Website Security is down to the host and most importantly with the site owner themselves. Be sure to select a provider that has key measures in place to stop the common attacks, such as brute force attacks and SQL Injections.  Its also important your chosen host runs Malware and Exploit scans on a regular basis. Don’t just assume they do, because the majority of hosts do not. All of Host 101’s WordPress Hosting Packages have this covered, and we also offer other security options such as SSL certificates and CMS Upgrades and Audits in conjunction with our hosting partner,

But the bottom line is that if you don’t keep your Website Updated, plugins and the core software and monitor the site, it will probably be compromised at some point, no matter if its WordPress or Joomla.

WINNER – Too close to call


Overall Winner

Its close call…and in reality, its probably a choice that should be made by the site owner and be based on what is required. If you are want a simple Travel Blog, its got to be WordPress. However, if you need to sell online and showcase 100’s of products, Joomla is certainly the better choice.

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