Banking Websites Compromised

The US Federal Reserve Bank has recently admitted that their Website has been breached by hackers more than 50 times in the past 5 years. Combined with the theft of over $80 million dollars from the Bangladesh Central Bank and the level that these organisations go to ensure security, its a little concerning.  You can read the full story HERE.

It immediately begs the question…how secure is your own website?

You may ask yourself why would somebody bother with trying to hack your website and of course banking websites do have great big targets painted on them for hackers to zone in on but there are still plenty of “back yard hackers” who will use your website to bolster their “hacking creds”. The majority of hacking or malware we see is not so much about hacking to gain something of worth, such as what occured with the Banglasdesh Central Bank but more about the volume of sites that can be compromised and by winning bragging rights.  Which basically means your site is always a target.

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