Facebook Tutorial – 5 Quick Tips for more fans

Facebook Tutorial – 5 Quick Tips for more fans

Getting your Facebook page likes up is not an easy task! Anybody who says it is, is probably simply after your hard earned cash. It takes time and it takes effort. But here are 5 quick tips that you can do yourself, to help bump those likes. PS – When I say quick, I mean these are really the top of the ice berg of each item…you can do further research on each, but below is a starting point.

1 – Know your Market
Facebook literally has billions of users these days and lets be honest, not all of those users want to follow your page or view your business. So its important you know what your target market is and that you target your posts, ad’s or marketing to that particular demographic. Facebook has some powerful tools to assist you with this, and in particular when using a paid Facebook advertising product.

Sure, the end result may be 50 Facebook fans, all of who engage with your posts and business, rather then you ending up with 50,000 who dont. Its certainly the former that will give you better ROI and results.

2 – Speak in the right voice
Its important to ensure you are connecting with your audience, by speaking with the correct tone and addressing topics relevant to them. This doesn’t just mean posting relevant information, but it also means using the right method of speech. For example, if you target audience was 60+ Females, you would not put a post along the lines of “Yo, all you dawgs. TGIF!” It simply wont work and you will lose fans in a flash. But something like, “Afternoon our Facebook friends! We are looking forward to the weekend and we hope you are too!”.

3 – Facebook is not a quick fix
Remember, its hard work to get Facebook fans and as is the case with many things we have to work for, the hard work will pay off over time. Don’t expect an instant return or instant results. It will come, but it may take time. Remember – Grow, Engage and maintain!

4 – Value. Value. Value.
One of the most important aspects of Facebook success is giving clients value. The last thing customers want to see is there Facebook feed clogged with a mass of irrelevant, boring posts. So be sure you posts are interesting and give your fans something of value. It can be an interesting article, a tip to a new idea, product or service, a link to something of interest online…or even just a funny post or picture, relevant to your fans. But keep in mind point 3 when doing this! Make sure its suitable to your audience.

5 – Schedule : Keep posts regular but not too regular!
Its hard to constantly post to social media, as it takes time and effort. Not just to compose the post, but what about finding topics! So make sure you are trying to post regularly and even better at set times on set days. There are a number of external services that will assist you with this.

Remember, dont just rely on your Facebook page engagements, link back to your website and engage potential clients on both. Check out Host101’s range of web hosting plans if you need assistance with hosting services.

Lastly, be sure you check your engagement rates on Facebook after a few weeks of posting and if needed, tweak what you are doing.