Is my webpage down?

Is my webpage down?

If you website isn’t loading or emails are giving you an error, how do you know if the cause is your ISP, Host or local device?

ISP is generally fairly easy to decide, you can simply try and load some other sites, like the or  If other sites are loading, then generally it means your ISP isn’t the cause.  (Although, in some cases, the above test isn’t 100% accurate).

Checking your PC or device can be tricky, and will likely involve an IT contractor, unless you are a computer guru or have a friend or family member who is.

Luckily, to check if its your hosting server at fault, you can use a great little online tool -“Down For Everyone or Just Me” ( – Just click the link, enter your website URL, then press enter of click the “or just me link”. Within seconds, you will get a reply to say if your site is up or down.

In most cases, especially with reliable hosts like Host101, it isnt the hosting server that is down!
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If the site reports as being up, but you still cannot access your webpage or emails, you may want to check with your Hosting support for a firewall block. All Host101 clients can do this via our online Unban Tool.